He has been called the Godfather of free energy. A man who in the 1960s and 70s built fuel free power generators which could power the home, and flying discs which could travel the length and breadth of the UK in minutes.

Professor John Searl, inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), and Levity Discs, now nearing eighty years old, has led an inspired but turbulent existence. From his early years spent in care homes and institutions, where he suffered an injury which rendered him partially deaf, through the years of developing his incredible inventions, he has been dogged with misfortune including the sabotage of his work by jealous colleagues and the theft of his research. The single minded pursuit of producing his Searl Effect Generators for the betterment of humanity has been a rocky path which has led to his house being burnt down, divorce, arrest and financial ruin. But he has been lucky too with a host of generous benefactors and fortuitous situations which allowed him to build his generators and Levity Discs (large flying discs known also as Inverse Gravity Vehicles).

Development has as John puts it, always been a case of “… every step you take forward, you take two steps back”, due to inability to secure funding, but also due to direct sabotage of his work by those who wished to own it. And, due to the unwillingness of the establishment to embrace a technology providing free energy for all from a man who is not of the scientific establishment. John’s conviction now is as it has always been – he will not sell or reveal the secret information necessary to produce the SEG to corporation or government. He will continue with dogged determination to bring The Searl Effect Generator to the world and herald the new age of free energy.

With research into producing the SEG headed up by John’s friend and fellow scientist Fernando Morris going well in the US, we are lucky enough to interview John Searl in Glasgow before his recent re-location to the United States.

In essence the SEG is a generator which harnesses magnetic forces all around us and utilizes a rare earth material, neodymium, to produce an infinite supply of pollution free energy. It’s construcion is circular, consisting of magnetic rollers rotating around a series of rings. It requires no power input to start and its parts experience no wear or tear . Because it generates an infnite supply of energy the SEG could completely replace fossil fuels and allow us to power vehicles, the home and industry at a fraction of the cost. When used in an Inverse Gravity Vehicle, the SEG generates an anti-gravitational field around the craft which can be directed for flight.

Where did the inspiration come from to create such a device? From re-occuring dreams John Searl had as a child. In one of the dreams John found himself being approached by huge steamrollers whilst out playing hopscotch.

“What the dream was saying is that you will be involved with energy far greater than the energy of the present time…what it’s saying simply is stop, think, act or your going to be crushed to death.”

The numbers on the hopscotch game revealed to John a complex mathematical system termed “The Law of the Squares” which dates back thousands of years to the construction of the pyramids of Egypt and perhaps further. They gave him the precise construction details necesary to create the SEG,

“Its a template to guide you to get the concept right and if you don’t get that right it won’t work.”

During the six year period John was having the dreams and before his attendance at navy school, he had ten missing days during which he has “… no knowledge what happened.” His school records from the time simply said “disappeared.” It is a mystery to which, to this day, John has no explanation for.

To my question, does he think someone or something was trying to communicate with him in his dreams, John speaks of a tribe over five thousand years ago who were, “using this mathematics” and “seeing through space and time.” They used the Law of the Squares to create buildings and even “flying machines” but were suddenly “wiped out”. He conjectures that a “meteorite hit the place” and that the survivors moved on and found another tribe to join. The knowledge was however retained in their minds and passed on but remained at a sub-conscious level requiring triggers to bring it forward. What John seems to be suggesting here, although radical, does concur with what a body of ancient technology theorists such as Graham Hancock posit – that advanced technology was being used by pre-historic cultures which has been lost to the modern world, probably due to cataclysm. John believes that while his brain was clear of conventional knowledge the dreams were “…planting these instructions” in his mind, acting as the trigger to activate the knowledge. This knowledge enabled him to create the SEG and it is know how which he believes comes from the distant past, “Its very ancient knowledge about technology people used.”

The trials and tribulations of John Seal have been well documented especially in Bradley Lockerman’s insightful documentary, The John Searl Story. From its original development the SEG was a phenomenon. The famous case of the SEG smashing out through his landlady’s roof at 33 Crawley Road is told by John with humour and relish. His memories of George Haynes, the benefactor who originally funded the production of the Levity Discs, are good too and he recounts the words of this kind and thoughtful man “…if you can make people look up I’ll pay the cost.” And look up they did. During the 1960s and 70s John was demonstrating his fully functional flying discs to huge crowds in England and the world’s media. People commonly mistook his Levity Discs for UFOs around the skies of Warminster in Somerset. The BBC produced a regular report on Searl’s inventions but curiously, none of the footage showing flying Levity Discs has survived. John’s friend, Joanne Summerscales, tells us that someone with original footage may be coming forward in the near future and we hope that such evidence comes to light.

At the height of development, plans were in place to create a manned craft which could travel to the moon in an hour and to Mars in 2 months. Had the prototype Demo 1 been fully developed we can only imagine how different our world would be today. But disputes with colleagues and the owner of the test site put an end to the realization of this revolutionary craft, “…the team got greedy and wanted to get the credit for everything. The owner of the site wanted 90% of my green stuff to allow me to use the site..it was all based on greed and ignorance.”

John says he was in contact with John F Kennedy who wanted Edwards Airforce base to fund the development of the SEG. I ask if Kennedy had lived does John think he would have carried through the work?

“Oh yes, there’s no doubt about it, he really was taken in by the work.”

To the suggestion that John’s work was sabotaged he is in agreement citing attacks from the inside, “Mainly it’s done by people in the family or in the team.” The worst attack John suffered was the arson of his house in Mortimer, Berkshire. Years of research in the form of documents were burnt or John says, driven away in lorries, “…where they went to we have no idea.” By the early 1980’s, John Searl, perhaps one of the most important inventors in history, was destitute, divorced and bankrupt. There has been some speculation that US Black Operations seized his technology and shut down his operation. And, that they have been developing craft based on the SEG ever since. What ever the reasons deliberate or otherwise, that John Searl’s technology did not become part of everyday life, he is now more driven and committed than ever to realize his life long dream.

He has kept the secret of his invention out of the hands of corporations who would use it for financial gain and has not patented the know how. The technology could be used in the wrong hands to create the most devastating weapons on the planet, “… you cannot let it get into terrorists’ hands … it’s better than the H bomb.”

Despite lack of financial resources, indifference from the scientific establishment and sabotage, there is now real hope of bringing the SEG to the world for the benefit of humanity.

“… I think for the first time because we’ve got our own place, this time we’re going to go all the way – there’s no way they can stop it.”

There is a glint in John’s eye as he describes a world where developing country’s food production problems are ended, where the air is much cleaner, where household bills have gone down immensely and where humans travel throughout the galaxy. He says that the one invention he is most passionate about developing is the home domestic power plant, for the reasons that the electro-magnetic field generated by the SEG would keep dust and dirt on the ground not in the air, and that the SEG has the capacity to heal burns and scolding. John himself suffered 3rd degree burns on his face during an accident in the 1970s. Half of his face and eye were completely burnt but within 3 weeks spent close to SEGs, his skin had grown back, it was healed completely.

We are close in this age to the realization of the dream of free energy. It offers a panacea of solutions to the world’s problems from the eradication of poverty to the cessation of global warming, but also poses possible cataclysmic consequences. It may present to humanity the opportunity to take our place amongst the stars with the civilizations who dwell there. There are groups such as the oil industry who have a vested interest in keeping this technology from mankind. But maybe the need is now too great and the time has indeed come to herald the new age of free energy. We can be genuinely hopeful if this breakthrough is to come from humanitarians such as John Searl, because ever since he has been aware of his extraordinary gift, he has insisted that the SEG be used for the greatest good. With great power comes great responsibility and John Searl must be commended for the integrity he has shown throughout his life in his endevour to develop the SEG for humanity and the planet.

John Searl was interviewed by John Charleston for Voyager Spirit on 21 November 2010. Special thanks to Joanne Summerscales for arranging this interview.

John Searl

John Searl was born in 1932 in England and spent his childhood in various care homes and institutions including Dr Barnardo’s Homes. In 1946 whilst an employee for British Electrical Repairs Company in London, he created the first Searl Effect Generator, a device for creating fuel free energy by harnessing electro-magnetic fields. He realized it had anti-gravitational properties when it levitated by itself through the ceiling of his landlady’s house. He went on to create and demonstrate as many as 40 large flying discs based on SEG technology. By the 1980’s he had suffered a series of calamities including arrest for allegedly stealing electricity, and divorce, and was financially ruined. Research is now continuing in the USA to recreate and manufacture the SEG under the direction of John Searl and Fernando Morris.