Richard Lawrence is an internationally bestselling author and Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society in Europe, a society he became involved with whilst a student at Hull University. The society is an international spiritual organization created in 1955 to help humanity through the life and teachings of its founder, Dr George King, who passed in 1997. Dr King was chosen as the 'Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel' due to his mastery of Yoga, and for over 40 years was in regular contact with extraterrestrial intelligences including The Master Jesus and The Lord Buddha. The raison d’etre of the society is to help mankind develop spiritually in order that the mistakes we have made in the past are not repeated and so that we are able to evolve in consciousness into cosmic dimensions.

Richard was a close friend and colleague of Dr King and speaks to us about one of the society's key teachings, The Nine Freedoms, in 2011, its 50th anniversary.

The Nine Freedoms were channelled through Dr King from a Cosmic Intelligence known as Mars Sector 6 on nine different occasions in 1961. Before Mars Sector 6 delivered each Freedom the Ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling would introduce each one before Mars Sector 6 began delivering this profound wisdom to Earth. The Nine Freedoms are a philosophy which extends established religious/spiritual teachings, and are the guidelines whereby humanity can evolve beyond what we understand as Heaven, Samadhi, Nirvana or Ascension.

"The aim of the Nine Freedoms is to add a cosmic dimension to world religion. I think rather than saying leave what you’re doing and come over here ..."

They build upon the world's major religions, which the society says all contain truth, and do not aim to convert; rather, they are meant to be shared. Starting with Bravery, the Freedoms of Love, Service, Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, Ascension, Interplanetary Existence, Saturnian Existence and Solar Existence are essential signposts in humanity's evolution back to the Source. The Nine Freedoms contain pearls of wisdom which will liberate and raise the consciousness of the reader and humanity. It is designed to help us all create a better future for ourselves and the world.

"The main message is that service is the path to enlightenment not just personal development, and that if you completely commit yourself in spiritual service through love ... you will find enlightenment."

The Freedoms are written in a particular order for a reason and have a chronological aspect,

“... for example Cosmic Consciousness, the Fifth Freedom comes after Enlightenment and that's chronological … Solar Existence comes after Saturnian Existence.” But, the early Freedoms of Bravery, Love and Service are practised throughout and take on more significance as one progresses, “you need to refer back to them … the more enlightened you are, the more brave you'll be.” In the higher stages, “they're still practising the third freedom themselves just more powerfully.”

The Second Freedom of Love is a “very misused word on this world and people think it's an emotion or they think it's about possessiveness and attachment.” Love is a universal energy which one can channel. Interestingly, the more you channel love, the more you are liberated from neediness and attachment. It's a good exercise, Richard says, to radiate love to those you are in conflict with. He recounts a situation where as a teacher, a pupil holding a chair above his head, was threatening him. “All I was left with was love energy”, so he blessed the pupil's eyesight mentally. It's possible to send out love energy to anyone or situation, regardless of whether we have personal association, “You could channel love to Colonel Gaddafi, whether you liked him, agreed with him, it's nothing to do with it at all. You could channel love energy if you chose to.” It's important also to send love energy to the planet, as Richard explains, “This is what gets missed out in ecology, actually, the sort of love for the planet as a living Goddess, which some of the ancient people understood ...” The more advanced and enlightened we become, the more powerful and pure will be the radiation of love energy.

Service, the Third Freedom, in many ways represents The Aetherius Society and is embodied in their motto, “Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment.” There are many ways to serve, but as Richard describes, spiritual service is key, “... healing is a great thing anyone can do … prayer really works, mantra, giving people encouragement, giving people strength, people who are weak … and finding life difficult.” Just by looking around us we can see want and even the simplest service to others is of great value. On a larger scale, service works with love to change people's hearts. Richard says that in a war situation, for example, peace will only last if people want it and “love energy will give you that will.” Similarly, the work of charities, although essential, often doesn't get to the root of the problem which is greed, because there is enough. The will of people needs to change and “it's love energy that will create that will.” In essence, for The Aetherius Society, service is love in action and this is key to changing people's outlook, “It's love energy that brings that change of consciousness. So spiritual service is the way.”

There are many ways that The Aetherius Society put the Nine Freedoms into practice and one such is by the usage of spiritual energy batteries “... the idea of this is when you have a crisis it takes a long time to get a lot of people together, say a thousand people going on prayer, it might be the middle of the night. But if you could store the energy and you have a thousand prayer hours, man and women hours of prayer, you can release it instantly. And this is something we do.” Currently, the society is sending a lot of energy to Japan, Libya and other North African and Middle Eastern countries. It is possible to practice The Nine Freedoms alone or in a group, “It’s more about the intensity with which you do it, rather than whether you're alone” says Richard.

For most people, practising the initial Freedoms is task enough, but what of those who progress through Ascension and Interplanetary Existence towards Solar Existence. When Cosmic Consciousness is obtained (The Fifth Freedom), and mastered, the Adept can then progress to Ascension which breaks that person's Karmic tie of rebirth to this earth and allows them to exist on other planets. If they choose to remain here, they become part of The Great White Brotherhood or Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who work “ many ways from their retreats in various parts of the world” to help the evolution of mankind. One such retreat is beneath Mt. Shasta, USA, and another is within Mt. Ben McDhui in Scotland. Those who progress to Interplanetary Existence live with other races on higher frequencies of vibration than we are currently able to detect with our human senses. At this point, the consciousness is born again through the Logos (or life force) of a planet, not by means of a woman's body. The Lord Buddha and Jesus are stated as coming from the higher realms of Venus. The Intelligence will then progress to existence as a Saturnian. Such Beings are considered the highest and most advanced race in this Solar System. Sri Krishna of the Hindu faith and the Lord Babaji are stated as coming from Saturn. And after this stage, the Ninth Freedom is Solar Existence, which involves the Cosmic Intelligence spending aeons in meditation and travelling to the Central Sun of this Galaxy, before being reborn through the Solar Logos of our solar system's Sun, to spend countless years radiating their Love in Service to countless billions of life-streams throughout this Solar System and beyond.

This process of cosmic evolution involves ascending planetary Karmic systems, starting with freedom from terrestrial rebirth on this planet, and moving through planetary realms to Saturnian and then Solar existence. Richard suggests that we as a race have a “... long way to go before we're free of Karma … you look around the world and you look at how people are behaving on this planet.” But there is cause for hope as “... we can certainly manipulate Karma.”

Central to the beliefs of The Aetherius Society is that extra-terrestrial races within this Solar System and beyond are reaching out to aid humanity help itself. On April 18th of 2011, a space craft, Satellite Number 3, entered our orbit in order to multiply the Karmic effects of our selfless actions by 3,000 times. This affects “Anyone who does spiritual actions during that period which runs up to May 23rd, whether they've heard of it or believe it doesn't matter. That's what it's here for – that's one of the things they're doing.” There are three other known periods of ‘spiritual pushes’ which occur each year. They are:

July 5 to August 5
September 3 to October 9
November 4 to December 10

Satellite No. 3 enters and leaves Earth orbit at 12:00 midnight G.M.T.

These ‘spiritual pushes’ are designed to help the spiritual practitioner and humanity advance three thousand times more quickly than we would without this extraterrestrial help. This is one of many ways that extraterrestrials are directly helping to raise the consciousness of humanity just prior to colossal Earth changes to come.

Richard believes that the ET message is positive and that the increasing numbers of UFO sightings around the world offer hope and the potential for our civilization to advance. He does not refute abduction cases or rule out the possibility of malevolent aliens, but believes these are much more likely to be psychic phenomena originating from bad entities in the lower realms of this planet. We are protected by Cosmic Masters such as The Lord Buddha and The Master Jesus from extra-terrestrial invaders, says Richard. As for government black projects using captured alien craft, Richard believes that we do not possess such technology, but rather that governments have adopted the ruse of claiming that genuine UFOs are secret advanced military craft, “I'm sure their technology isn't at the level of some of the space craft we've sighted and tracked on radar and filmed.” Disclosure, Richard suggests, is already under-way and perhaps governments are using insiders to comment on UFOs “as a way of getting the information out without admitting it.”

What next for The Aetherius Society? There are missions to perform into the future for at least a thousand years, “and those missions we believe are absolutely crucial to the world.” These include Operation Sunbeam which sends colossal spiritual energies to the great Intelligence upon whose body we exist, the Mother Earth, and Operation Prayer Power which utilizes stored prayer energy in times of natural catastrophe. Equally as important is spreading the teachings of the society, namely, The Nine Freedoms, as widely as possible. Getting the positive message out there that we are part of a galactic consciousness which is waiting for us to join them is crucial. As more and more people become open to the UFO phenomenon, the teachings of The Aetherius Society offer guidance for humanity's future. As Richard puts it:

“... that's what I love about The Nine Freedoms, it's so positive … the long term goal is nothing other than wonderful.”

Richard Lawrence was interviewed by Claudine Deasy and John Charleston for Voyager Spirit on 15 April 2010.